LSD painting series by Richard Emmanuel




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These are the works of Richard Emmanuel . . . An exploration of two years of psychedelic research in the quest for ancient “visions.” they are Richard’s documentation that portals do exist and that portals expose ancient iconic clues to consciousness.

The primary visual clues are: the point, the line, the circle, the square and the spiral or helix. These clues represent the primal configurations of energy, matter, plants, animals and human beings. Every previous civilization has left behind images and artifacts that provoke the question of what is consciousness?

If “being” and “consciousness” are one in the same [ancient clues] our mystery of human consciousness is best understood:

Consciousness sleeps in stone [matter] . . . Consciousness dreams in plants . . . Consciousness awakens in animals . .

Consciousness becomes self-conscious in human beings.

The LSD Series is named: “the death of god/man”.

The images are portals or visions of energy that came through richard’s sacred use of lsd consciousness. Richard understands the portals are momentary images and brief evidence of the modus vivendi of god/man consciousness.

All metaphysical mysteries form clues to the phenomenon of consciousness in this cosmos. The works represent timelessness and are understood as portals into a singularity.

Julian jaynes states in his book: the origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind . . . “there is no such thing as a complete consciousness.” this insight is the conundrum in each of lsd paintings. Each square or circular mandala is in itself several paintings emerging out of the plane of the original blank canvas.

Example painting: “the birth of water” is the story of water and earth . . . The orange surface represents the substance of planet earth. Black spirals [dark energy] emerge to project a field of blue spermatozoa. It is the essence of physical life as we have come to know mortal existence. Earth, air, water and fire are the ancient elements that form the portal into the cosmic mind or consciousness.

Richard Emmanuel