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A brief history begins with the fact that the Experimental Church was formed and created to expand thinking beyond the traditional “Belief Systems” defined by the three major “Patriarchal Religions” Judaism, Christianization, and Mohammedanism. Patriarchies are the social organization for rule or domination over all genders. Established in 1968 the Church began a platform for the questioning of this human gender imbalance as it is the phrase ‘“God The Father.” . . .  “Spirit “ beyond the male tribal domination remains the core of the experiment. World wars greatly reflect male attitudes and the use of force. The Church remains focused upon “World Peace if not Now When?” The dawn horizon of the founding year [1968] was the prelude that an expansionism of war and the coming of future wars would present a never ending challenge.      . . .  J.F.K. stated, “Man must put an end to War or War will be the end of mankind.”

The Church is Five decades of experimentation and well into the “Third Millennium Earth.” Experimentation focuses on the illusion of duality and the interconnectedness of all life, male/female, the outer and the inner Universe[s]. Religion in this context becomes understood as the theatre of individuals and society, arts and sciences, solar systems and galaxies and above all the “God/Man” conundrum. . .”One watches and the other performs.” We are all part of a Cosmic Comedy/Tragedy  of theaters. Loss of self-realization in this dream within a dream, brings confusion, imbalance and  great misunderstanding.

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