Creative Director, Photographer, Filmmaker


I moved to Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1990 with two college friends. We’d decided to leave school at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and transfer to a small art school north of Boston called Montserrat College of Art.

A few days after moving into town we met a couple of local kids, who told us there was a “Satan Church” on the eastern end of town. Our immediate response was: “where? We’ve got to check that out!”. So we walked across town, found the old church building the kids had described, walked up to the front door and knocked. That was the day I met Richard Emmanuel. 

“The Church” as we found out wasn’t a Satan Church. It was founded by Richard in 1968 as a place to explore belief systems and to create a space where it was possible to question belief systems and to consciously explore the meaning of the journey that each of us takes through the course of our lives.

As Richard describes it “it’s a Church with no members”.

Over the three years I lived in Gloucester Richard became a friend and mentor. We spent many afternoons and evenings discussing art, philosophy, comparative religion, current events, consciousness and the nature of “what are we doing here?”.

1993 was the last year I lived in Gloucester. It also happened to be the 25th anniversary of The Church’s founding.

25 years later, 2018. I visit Richard not realizing how long it’s been since we met and that it was The Church’s 50th anniversary.

This site chronicle’s Richard work, the Church’s history and mission and is home of the current documentary project Richard and I have collaboratively embarked on.

It’s stories within a story worth telling and layers and layers of messages worth hearing.

Thomas Sherman
Creative Director, Photographer, Filmmaker 

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For being the consciousness he is and walking into my journey.

Stephen Boss and Greg Grasso
For uprooting their lives with me and knocking on that door.

Thomas Malinowski
Photography. December 2018

Alice Mayhew Sherman
For giving meaning and supporting.